Phantom Flex 4k

Rent high-speed camera Phantom Flex 4K

"Highspeed Imaging Studio" (СВС) is a rental house with more than 10 years of high-speed experience and wide range of professional Phantom cameras. СВС offers new flexible and affordable solutions for your ideas. Now you can rent a camera in our studio for your project wherever it is. Just let us do your work easier – send us an e-mail. We look forward to your inquiry. 


- Phantom Flex 4K Body with 64GB internal RAM
- 2 TB Cinemag IV for faster data throughput
- CineStation IV and cables
- GbE Ethernet port for software operation
- Wireless Camera Control available
- Tripod Sachtler Video 18SB or Manfrotto 058B (Head Manfrotto 405)
- Canon and PL Mount
- Set/ Kit of lenses
- Shoulder rig (optional)
- Dedicated Computer and Thunderbolt Transfer System

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                                       Shoot in Europe                    Shoot in Moscow

                                                                      Rent high-speed camera Phantom Flex4K in Europe for 1500 Euro per day                                Rent high-speed camera Phantom Flex4K in Moscow for 790 Euro per day

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